December 19, 2023 – 10 Years After Belize
Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
The in-person (with Zoom available) meeting was opened by President Alan with O Canada.  There were 12 of 16 members present (1 on Zoom).
Alan read the Treaty 6 Acknowledgement:
We acknowledge that the Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak is located on Treaty 6 land. This is the traditional territory and an ancient gathering place of many Indigenous peoples for thousands of years.
We recognize that we are all Treaty people and have a responsibility to become aware of our shared history, understand the Spirit and Intent of the Treaties and by doing so we can honour the past, be aware of the present, and create a just and caring future built upon Peace, Friendship, and Understanding.
Alan read a thank you message written in a Christmas Card sent by the Camrose Public Library.
Speaker – Patrice--A Trip to Belize with the High School Interact Club 2012
      Patrice and Larry and one other supervisor accompanied 12 students of the Camrose Composite Interact Club to Belize in 2012. Many of the students had parents who were members of the Rotary Clubs in Camrose. The Interact Club was advised by Patrice and David Andreassen. They were an active club and completed at least 2 projects every year. The students wanted to participate in a trip where they could complete projects. There were ties with Belize, the Rotary Club there helped in planning. Club members and parents participated in fund raising, collecting shoes, clothes, and school supplies for the trip.
     Belize is subtropical and raises sugar cane, bananas, and corn. The Mayans were active in the country from 1200 to 1500. The Spanish arrived in the 16th century but were replaced by the English who wanted wood. They called it British Honduras. The country achieved independence in 1981. Houses vary from shacks to mansions, primary school is free, but they must pay to attend High School.
     They were provided with a van, inexpensive accommodation, and meals in the Aguada Hotel, owned by a Rotarian.  The local San Ignacio Rotary Club invited them to a welcome party with a local Interact club.
      There were several projects. It was Spring Break for both the visitors and the locals, so the children were invited to free lunch and activities at the school. At a primary school the interactors helped with crafts and play including parachute games and skipping—they had brought donated skipping ropes and a parachute.  Interactors also painted walls and blackboards at several schools and helped construct Water Filters to provide safe drinking water for schools—materials were supplied by the local San Ignacio and Carlsbad California Rotary Clubs.
     The students had some nice dinners; visited the Iguana Project to learn about the importance of these reptiles to the local ecosystem; explored caves wading thru pools and narrow passages to a large cave called the Cathedral complete with an altar and old skeletons from people sacrificed; visited the Barrier Reef that protects the 190-mile coastline; visited thousand-year-old Mayan ruins haunted by the “Stone Lady”.  There activities were paid for by the students themselves not from raised funds.
     Patrice ended the session by telling us where the 12 students are now. 2 are physicians or medical students, a German exchange student is back home in business, one is a nurse, one a librarian, one a model, three are teachers, one is a recreational programmer, and one has moved to New Zealand.
Announcements and Updates
  • Chase the Ace – there is a draw tomorrow benefiting the Camrose & District Senior Centre Society sponsored by the Kinsmen. The next draw will be for the Bailey Theatre sponsored by the Rotary Club of Camrose. We have the next two-week period January 4 to 17. We discussed who we should sponsor, we will check with the Augustana Student Foodbank and with Days for Girls if that does not work out. 
  • Alan thanked Rob and Liz for their presentation of their Battlefield Tour of Europe last Monday Night. It was well attended and enjoyed by the largest gathering of both clubs in recent history, an example of the kind of program that attracts Rotarians.
  • Traditions will be at the Johnsons 4204 64 Street Close December 28 at 6 pm. Bring a traditional dish, BYOB, coffee and tea will be provided. Notify Patrice if you plan to attend at treecer@live.com. The RCC will be invited.
  • There is a new Little Free Library at Jack Stuart School constructed by the Men’s Shed. Alan will email the school about their plans.
  • Alan met with several members of the RCC yesterday. They met with Louise Jones of the Lemonade Day Program. They also discussed including Rotary in the package welcoming newcomers to Camrose.
  • Next Meetings: Tuesday January 2 at 8 am at Safety Starts here.
Happy Bucks
      Happy Bucks were given for: her mother’s 95th birthday today, surviving a telephone scam call, the completion of the Christmas Hamper Program.
Foundation Moment
Rob told us of the Foundation as the assumption of a great obligation to the World.  Money as well as the plans to carry out projects are required. 
We closed by singing the Four-Way Test