Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak
EyeOpener June 29, 2021 Installation of 2021-2022 Board
Odell opened the meeting presenting a traditional rendition of O Canada for 8 members and guests Carol and Lou present
Jackie offered Food for Thought on her new-found ingredient – buckwheat, a small triangular grain that is not wheat or a grass but rather a complex carb pseudo-cereal. Thought to originate in southwest China around 6,000 BCE it spread through Asia, Europe and to North America. It has a short cropping cycle of 10 to 12 weeks and prefers acidic soils. High in protein, fibre and vitamins it is gluten-free but can nevertheless trigger allergies in some gluten intolerant people. Its bland taste and starchy composition lend it to noodle, cabbage roll, cereal and soup recipes, but it also finds its way into dog treats and pillow filling. Grocery stores, Nutters and the health food store are local sources.
John will offer Food for Thought next week
Happy Bucks
  • Fishing trip with friends and almost no rain
  • Walking around Mirror Lake and visiting with friends walking there
  • Summer switch on furnace fan was a great decision years ago – relief in this heat
  • Walk with new acquaintance in Brampton this afternoon
  • Celebrated 50th wedding anniversary
  • Family time at Windermere Lake
2021-2022 Board Installation
We bid farewell with many thanks to Carol and Tricia who are leaving the Board after steering Club Service and Public Relations. Destiny is assuming the Club Service Chair after representing many sub-committees on the Board and Chris will take on Public Relations after sourcing program ideas. Rob and Cliff are continuing on the Board in their Foundation and Membership portfolios. In a year of transition for many long serving board members, Odell moves from Secretary to President, Alan from Administration to Secretary, John from Treasurer to Administration and Morris from President to Treasurer (and Past President).
We hold Robyn on the Board in spirit. As she recovers from her medical setback, we are seeking a member to fill the Youth portfolio in her absence.
As Morris passed the gavel to Odell (via Zoom) members offered their appreciation for the work of the previous board and their support for the new board.
  • Tuesday July 6, 7:00 am Club Meeting
  • Tuesday July 13, 7:00 am Club Meeting
  • Tuesday July 13, 8:00 am Board Meeting
Rob closed the meeting with the Four-Way Test