Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak
EyeOpener December 22, 2020 Christmas in COVID Time
December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
January is Vocational Service Month
Odell opened the meeting with a video of O Canada for 12 members and guests Rev David Erikkson and Bill Harder
Robyn offered Food for Thought with ways to evaluate the truth of the information we are being bombarded with during the pandemic. We are overwhelmed and aren’t sure what to trust. She suggests – be critical of what you read and hear, depend on only a few resources for information, accept there will be uncertainty and change as new information arises and especially, limit your exposure to stressful topics.
Carol will offer Food for Thought at the January 5th meeting.
Happy Bucks
  • The longest night (shortest day) is over
  • Grandson is a quick study at chess
  • New-found interest in baking
  • 14 wonderfully filled stockings for Augustana students
  • Magical time at cabin - old music, birds, animals (large fisher)
  • Family gift exchange safely done
  • January president-elect training (available to any member) moved to Tuesday the 19th
  • District Connections newsletter has interesting content as well as link to zone Beyond Borders newsletter with articles to appeal to all members
  • Rotary Cares tickets are available – Odell was the December winner
PresentationChristmas in the Time of COVID, Rev David Erikkson
This Christmas is a different time than we are used to – restrictions on gathering bring disappointment and isolation to the fore. The birth of Jesus came during a time when pagan celebrations lasted for 12 days with much merriment and excess. His birth, by contrast, was a solemn and lonely event. Christmas has grown into a time of rich tradition, made richer with Christ at the center.
Looking to enjoy the Christmas season, while keeping himself and others healthy and safe, Rev Erikkson has listed 20 items to work on during Christmas. These include traditional celebrations like advent wreaths and candles, advent calendars, carols and seasonal music as well as family watching streamed religious celebrations, extended family and friend Zoom get-togethers for gift opening, games and other events. He’ll work on a jig-saw puzzle after Christmas, provide for the poor on Boxing Day and work on the other items on his list.
He may not complete all the tasks he has set for himself but will do what he can. His achievements will make for a joyful Christmas while finding new practices and contributing to the joy of others. All is not well in the world, but it is a time for you to let your light shine into the world.
  • No meeting December 29
  • Club Zoom meeting January 5, 2021 7:00 am – Genealogy, John Stoddart
  • Club Zoom meeting January 12, 2021 7:00 am – Namaste Direct, Desiree Lyons
  • Board Zoom meeting January 12, 2021 8:00 am
Alan closed the meeting leading the club in the 4 Way Test
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